Grillgeräte zum rotierend Grillieren

302Grill apparatusElectrical grill apparatus 230 V, 15 W, 2 m cable, 11 x 14 x 14 cm486.00ex stock
303AHandle with pinned wheelHandle with pinned wheel for roast grills and spites, 53 cm131.00ex stock
303BSpiteSpite without catches, 8 x 8 mm, 54 cm, chrome steel59.00ex stock
303CRoast grillCombi roast grill, without pivot, 30 cm usable width, for about 3 kg roasts, 44 cm, chromed192.00ex stock
303DRoast grillCombi roast grill, with pivot combined with article no. 305, 40 cm usable width, for about 4 kg roasts, 62 cm, chromed216.00ex stock
305ColumnColumn, with notched frame as end support, for spite (303B) or roast grill (303D) with heavy roasts, Ø 12 cm104.00ex stock
305AColumn plateColumn plate, Ø 12 cm57.00ex stock
305BSupportSupport47.00ex stock

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