Allgemeines Zubehör

470Drip spoonDrip spoon, 55 cm, Inox38.00ex stock
471ForkFork, 55 cm, Inox38.00ex stock
472ShovelShovel, 55 cm, Inox38.00ex stock
473Barbecue tongsBarbecue tongs, chromed50.00ex stock
550Spot lampSpot lamp for barbeque, with ceramic glass, bulb fitting 230 volt, high temperature cable 1.5 m, 10,5 x 10,5 x 16 cm267.00ex stock
560CatcherCatcher for spites 8 x 8 mm, chromed18.00ex stock
561Double catcherDouble catcher for spites 8 x 8 mm, chromed21.00ex stock
562CatcherCatcher for spites 16 x 16 mm, chromed30.00ex stock
563Double catcherDouble catcher for spites 16 x 16 mm, chromed30.00ex stock
931Fire grateFire grate, strong type, 35 x 32 cm151.00ex stock
932Ember panEmber pan for wood, 45 cm width, 30 cm deep, 45 x 30 cm158.00ex stock

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